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4BLACKCARD packages start from $4,999 USD

Tax Free Crypto 2 Cash

Withdrawals at all ATM’s around the world

Turn your Bitcoin into cash. Cash out your Crypto now! Take advantage of the vast networks of ATM’s around the world to make instant cash withdrawals, 100% anonymously with the 4BlackCard. 100% Tax Free. Convert Bitcoin to Cash. Crypto to fiat.

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Online Shopping

Complete any purchase in online stores such Amazon, PayPal, eBay, etc, with your 4BlackCard, quickly and safely.

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Physical Purchases

Make all your purchases easily in thousands of stores around the world. 100% Anonymous payments.

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Use your 4BlackCard for


Complete any online subscription such as Netflix, YouTube, HBO, Disney+ with your 4BlackCard.

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Are you looking on how to Convert Bitcoin to Cash Anonymously? You want to Cash Out your Cryptocurrency  Anonymously?

4BlackCard is the best way to convert your cryptocurrencies to cash money 100% anonymously and 100% Tax Free.

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